Britten BriteWall Exterior
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BriteWall Frame Exterior


The brightest and most vibrant exterior back-lit banner display system on the market.

Key Features:

  • Waterproof
  • Easy installation
  • Fully UL listed
  • Stunning full spectrum 5700 K output
  • Uses less than 1/3 the power of fluorescent bulbs!


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Product Description

BriteWall is the industry’s leading full spectrum backlit LED display system. The frame is available in a variety of sizes, while a spring-tensioned component makes installing and swapping banners easy. This LED light box system uses a modest one third the power of traditional light box systems and lasts three times as long!

Our patent-pending BriteWall LED panels are treated using an ultra-clear acrylic coating, riveted to the display structure, and every single connection is silicone sealed—protecting each little nook and cranny from the weather.

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36 × 72, 48 × 48, 48 × 60, 48 × 72, 60 × 60, 72 × 72